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About us

(read more about the project here)

The objective of The Peas Foundation (TPF) is to reduce the amount of meat that is currently consumed. We aim at stimulating the development of plant-based alternatives through acquiring scientific knowledge on vegetable proteins and their applications.



The first scientific research project started in 2011. The responsible professor for this initial project is Prof. dr. ir. Remko Boom. He is an authority in the field sustainable food producting in general and in protein structuring more specificaly. Here you will find an overview of recent publications by his hand. Here you will find an overview of recent publications by his hand..





Dr. Ir. Atze Jan van der Goot is the project leader of the current research-on meat alternatives. Atze Jan has worked since 1999 at Wageningen University, currently as associate professor. His research focuses on creating new, attractive structures in food products. In recent years, h is main research focus is on plant products. He aims to contribute with his research to a more sustainable food supply. Atze Jan regards this project as a unique opportunity to create a major breakthrough in the field of meat and cheese alternatives., realize. He aims at the development of new technology to create an new and attractive bite and the structure of products that solely originates from vegetable origin It is his dream to fasten the transition to a more plant society through this project.
A overview of recent publications by his hand can be found here
. Here you will find an overview of recent publications by his hand.


The research that is supported by The Peas Foundation will in no way be influenced by The Peas Foundation. Scientific research must and will be independent. This is the only way how we can actually stimulate the development of sound and relevant scientific knowledge in the area of plant proteins.


The board of The Peas Foundation consists of:

hansHans Messie, owns the largest recycling company in eastern Netherlands. This recycling company employs more than 40 volunteers who make it possible that the profit of the company is spent on projects related to animal welfare. Besides his studies, he developed various marketing products in collaboration with universities and put them on the market worldwide. He sees it as the ultimate challenge to to help realize the "decisive step" in the transition to a sustainable, plant society by working with a balanced alternative to meat and cheese especially in growth markets like Asia and South America.


HannyHanny van Geel has a passion for sustainability and innovation. She grew up on a mixed farm, then a co-entrepreneur in organic arable farm in partnership with two other organic farmers. As chairman of the Dutch Arable Farming Union, www.nav.nl, she has the aim to increase vegetable protein of European fields. She connects people in innovative and sustainable developments. As in a vegetarian cooking initiative with guests. And in-Full Value Agriculture, a project on agricultural leadership from inner values, where business and technology serve to sustainability. She is the Project Water Husbandry in the Innovation Network. And she coaches, trains and advises in sustainable, value-driven leadership- for organization, business and personal life.

Lieke Keller has studied Andragologie (specializing in communications). From 1992 to 2005 and she was director of the foundation Bont voor Dieren. She considers her biggest success to realize the foxes breeding ban and the ban on breeding chinchillas. As one of the founders from the beginning, she was closely involved with the Party for the Animals. As secretary of the party executive she is inter alia responsible for the election campaigns and communication. From 1998 to 2003 she was director of Wakker Dier. From October 2005 until February 2007 she worked as director of the Sophia Society for the Protection of Animals. Since February 2007 she was director of the Office Party starting at the Party for the Animals. Her main motivation is to combat the injustice done to animals, in large-scale animal farming and the mistreatment of individual animals.

niko2 Niko Koffeman is a member of the First Chamber and President of the Nicolaas.G.Pierson Foundation, the Research Institute of the Party for the Animals. In the past he was involved in the campaigns of many animal welfare organizations such as Wakker Dier, Proefdiervrij, The Fauna Protection, The Animals, The Sophia Society, Fur for Animals and the Party for the Animals. Biologica he developed campaigns for the Adopt-a-chicken and Adopt-an-apple tree. Koffeman was raised vegetarian and developed the first health insurance for vegetarians, Vega Polis. He was also involved as a concept developer at The Vegetarian Butcher- and the internetplatform www.devegetarier.nl