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the PEAS foundation ( Read more about us here )

A professor who puts his scientifically energy into new meat and cheese substitutes! Wageningen University and Delft University collaborate on, Plant Exploring And-Structuring (PEAS). Paid by 'crowd-funding'.
Anyone who would like to stimulate a more plant-based society can get involved: for only € 20, - per year, to make the work possible!

The Peas Foundation aims to increase the knowledge, the development and the use of plant protein for the creation of alternatives to product form animal origin If people eat more products from vegetable protein instead of meat, it will lead to  much more fun in the world.

The Peas Foundation has committed to contribute € 100,000 to research on the development of 100% vegetable substitutes for animal proteins in food –for five years. It is expected that the research will not only contribute to the development of meat substitutes, but also plant-based alternatives for the animal protein in cookies, cakes, feed and will be stimulated  We have already started a collaboration with Prof. Remko Boom, who is Professor of Food Process Engineering. There are already five researchers and a number of doing the research .

If 5000 people decide to donate an amount of at least € 20, = per year, they will support The Peas Foundation and the professor to make this work possible.Currently, the research project received additional contributions come from public sources, and contributions from the Universities.

Donors receive an annual invitation to join a meeting in which the progress of research and developments in science will be presented. In addition, the professor will be available for further questions. The donors will also be regularly informed through an electronic  newsletter desciribng the latest developments and research on new alternatives for animal protein in the diet.

If you are concerned about having enough food for everyone in the world available, the climate being in balance, biodiversity being able to restore, the water being fairly distributed and that animals being able to live by their own nature, than support The Peas Foundation. Together we can make that possible!

The world is a lot more fun and can last longer, through your contribution of € 20, - per year.
For more info and your donation: